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If you should ever find yourself
in some uncharted part of Africa
and meet a fellow intrepid traveller,
then feel free to use the greeting
"Africa Travel Resource, I presume?"
Sunday Telegraph London, England
Hello and welcome ...

We are a proper safari company. We specialise in helping our guests from around the world to build superb

African safaris


An African safari arranged through us will be as authentic, extraordinary, passionate, exciting, relaxed, luxurious, extreme or adventurous as you wish. You define the parameters and we will make sure that you get exactly what you are looking for ... easily created, reliably delivered and for the best possible price.

Around 90% of all good safaris in Africa are arranged through specialist travel companies such as ours. Any medium to high quality safari should be intimate, personable and highly tuned to meet and exceed your desires and expectations. That experience starts right here.

We pride ourselves in helping our guests to travel beyond the kinds of safaris offered by mainstream travel companies. We want you to experience the Africa with which we fell in love, we want your life to become charged with the colours and passions of this unique continent. Above all, we want you to return from Africa to excitedly report that it was the most amazing trip you have ever done, we commonly hear that from our guests.

We are genuine experts with a deep passion for Africa. The majority of us have lived and worked on the continent, guiding safaris, running camps, driving trucks and waiting bars. You name it, we've done it. Between us we now have over 100 years of experience building safaris, so we really do know what we are doing. And we really do love nothing more than sharing that experience with our guests.

At heart we are still a small company. We are owner-run and have fewer than thirty people on our team. But in the intimate world of safari, that's relatively large, so we have all the advantages of preferential relationships with lodge owners and safari operators, enabling us to provide you with elevated levels of service and the best possible prices.

We work with guests across a very wide range of tastes and budgets, from tough pioneering expeditions into uncharted territory to super-luxury safari in some of the world's finest lodges, from as little at USD2500 per person to family and larger group trips in excess of USD100,000. Our primary goal is always to help you to create a better, more interesting and more suitable trip. We are very much here to help you at every step and will happily do all the legwork for you.

We very much hope that you will let us help with your next adventure, all we ask is that you give us a chance to create a few sample trips especially for you, see if we can come up with something that really tickles your fancy. No obligation, no hard sell, just real safari people doing what we love.

Do please get in touch, even if your ideas are still only very sketchy, we are happy to help out at any stage.

Look forward to chatting!

Greg Welby
Founding Director
Best Lodges in Africa
Ida Du Preez
Ida Du Preez, Purchasing
We really can help you create
an awesome African adventure,
so please do get in touch
and give us the chance
to shine.
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