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A little bit about us
A little bit about us ...

In this section we would like to introduce you to our company, to explain a little bit about who we are, what we do, how and why we do it. Ultimately we would like to convince you that we are the best people to work with on your trip to Africa, so please do take some time to browse these sections ...

Who we are ...

We are a proper safari company, run by knowledgeable, experienced people who are passionate about Africa.

We specialise in helping our guests to build a better, more exciting and more authentic safaris, to get beyond the ordinary and deliver the full undiluted African experience. We try to do this in the easiest and most entertaining way possible and for the best possible price.

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Why to travel with us ...

We are very proud of our achievements to date and honestly believe that we deliver an awesome service to our guests. In this section we describe a the thirteen reasons why you may consider putting your trust in us for your next trip ...

1. Supporting conservation
2. You're in good company
3. A better trip
4. Carefully tailor-made
5. Very high level of expertise
6. Extraordinary range of locations
7. Completely independent advice
8. Open and honest dialogue
9. Easy and fun to arrange
10. Expertly and reliably delivered
11. Very competitively priced
12. Check our extensive track record
13. Underwritten by legal guarantees

How it works ...

Over 90% of all quality safaris to Africa are arranged through a specialist travel service such as ours. Many of our guests are unfamiliar with this way of building trips, so in this section we run through the basics of how it all works. In summary, you get in touch, provide us with even the smallest hint of what you fancy doing in Africa and off we go, heading smartly off towards your ideal trip. It really is very easy, so much so that you will probably end up wishing we could arrange all your travel.

1. Research
2. Getting in touch
3. A few words about your budget
4. Working towards a tailor-made trip
5. Making a booking
6. Before travel
7. During travel
8. After travel

Costs ...

We do not charge for our services, we are paid a small commission by the lodge owners and other service providers in Africa. Furthermore, we guarantee that the prices we charge you will be the same or lower than if you were able to purchasing individual items directly from our suppliers. So you really do get us for free, we should even save you money overall.

When it comes to the cost of the trip itself, we help to create trips which range in price from around USD2000 to over USD50,000 per person, so a huge range. But generally speaking we cover the middle to upper end of the pricing scale.

Read a little more about costs ...

Meet the team ...

A critical part of our business strategy has always been to attract and retain the very best people.

The safari world is very small and people with the requisite levels of personal experience and field knowledge are rare. We reckon that there may be as few as twenty people worldwide who are truly expert at putting together safaris across Africa and have access to the necessary business systems to enable them to do this efficiently and reliably. We are proud to have several of these people amongst our number and the systems in place to support them ...

Tracey Bennett
Lenny Franklin
Jay Hanson
Clare Grim
Brian Blatt
Paul Tyler
Richard Wende
Charlotte Burbridge
Arvind Amersey
Anneli Rudiger

Our web, purchasing, accounts and support staff are of a similar calibre, many having left high-powered positions in other fields to come and work for our little passion project ...

Tony Fishlock
Becky Bhambri
Amanda Plum
Darren Coker
Ed Sim
Alix Tasso
Ida du Preez
Greg Welby
Jon Belt
Nick Pearse
Marcus Poulton
Joe Beard
Roland Pickering
Rob Jeffrey

Job opportunities ...

If you are thinking that you might be able to add to our little team, for some crazy reason, then please do get in touch. When we have any specific positions open, we usually outline them here on this page first ...

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