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Pate Island

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Pate Island ...

... is situated off the Kenyan Coast, around 20km to the northeast of Lamu Island and around twice the size.

The main town of Pate, which in truth is little more than a village, holds little to betray its historic significance, having once been a trading port of some importance with a particular renown for producing fine silks. Around 1800 however the port started to silt up, dhow traffic moved to Lamu and Pate fell into terminal decline.

Pate today has an incredibly authentic Swahili atmosphere, much further removed from the modern world than Lamu, where foreign visitors remain something of a novelty and the traditions of polite hospitality remain.

How we like to include this area in trips ...

There is no accommodation listed on Pate Island, so we are only presently able to visit on daytrips from the neighbouring Lamu Island, Manda Island and Kiwayu Island.

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