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La Digue Island

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La Digue


... is the fourth largest island in the Seychelles. It is situated around 60km to the northeast of the international airport on Mahe and around 6lm east of Praslin, from where it is usually accessed by boat.

The island is the location for many of those extremely scenic white sand and pink granite boulder beaches that have graced the pages of so many magazines over the years. Indeed the whole of eastern side of the island remains pretty much virginal, with forested hills and beautiful remote coves.

The western side of the island is home to a large and laid back settlement with a resident population of around 2000 people. There is virtually no motorised transport on the island, so access is by foot, bicycle and ox-cart, which helps contribute to an extremely relaxed and peaceful atmosphere.

La Digue is surrounded by a number of smaller uninhabited islands, including Petit Soure, Grand Soure and Marie Ann, all of which are very beautiful and can be visited by boat on day-trips.

How we like to include this area in trips ...

We tend to recommend La Digue to more independently minded travellers who are looking to stay in simple guest-houses or small hotels, explore the place under their own steam and eat out at the various bars and restaurants ...

Chateau St Cloud ... is a small hotel centred on a beautiful old plantation house, authentic but with variable levels of service.

La Diguoise ... is a pleasant owner-run guesthouse with just seven rooms and a nice swimming pool.

Fleur de Lys ... is a collection of eight traditional self-catering bungalows, really one of the best options on the island.

The usual stay duration on La Digue is 3 to 5 nights, often in combination with one or more other islands elsewhere in the Seychelles, to make a combined stay duration of 7 to 14 nights.

The Seychelles are connected to mainland Africa via Johannesburg and Nairobi, so we are able to include them in classic safari and beach combinations. However this tends to happen relatively rarely since the majority of people tend to head to the fabulous beaches of Kenya, Tanzania and Mozambique, which are easier to get to and are generally able to deliver the same level of experience.

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