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Camp N04
is not an actual location, but a special technique that we use to provide bookings into four superb camps in the South Luangwa area of eastern Zambia.

For years we have struggled to come up with ways to get our guests into the best camps for less money. After all, this is a very high cost safari environment here in Botswana. What has always frustrated us is that if you try book these lodges six months ahead, they are all full, but ask on any day in high season how the charts are looking for tomorrow and there is almost always some free space.

The concept here is to make reservations which retain enough flexibility to enable the operator to fill these 'dead beds' in return for really significant discounts, usually around 25%.

We do this by making a 'Lucky Dip' booking.

You will be booked into this grouping of seven camps for a minimum of four nights, but you will not know which of the camps you will actually be staying at until you arrive. The operator retains the option to move your booking from camp to camp in order that it does not get in the way of any full price bookings.

The key point to realise is that there are no bad camps in this grouping, all three of them are under the same ownership, they all offer very high levels of service, they are in the same area and offer exactly the same activities. There are rules in place to ensure the integrity and balance of your safari, so whichever way your booking falls out, it will be a great experience.

If you can handle the uncertainty of not knowing exactly which camps you will stay at, then you will benefit from very considerable savings.

The key point to realise is that there are no bad camps in this grouping, all three of them are under the same ownership, they all offer very high levels of service and we have rules are in place to ensure that the safari remains well-balanced for the time of year.

It is also very important to realise that you will not be treated as second class citizens when booking this way, you will get exactly the same levels of service as full paying guests. The camp owners view your booking as a very valuable tool to enable them to increase their occupancy rates.

The camps included in this offer are ...

Luwi Camp
Nsolo Camp
Kakuli Camp
Mchenja Camp

We feel that this Lucky Dip technique is a fantastic concept, many of our guests have benefited from it over the years and feedback has always been just as positive, if not more so, than regular bookings. There is no better than feeling than getting something great for less!
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