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The Cape
is one of most alluring parts of the Western Cape province of South Africa.

The Cape Peninsular is the small hook of land which projects from the extreme southwestern corner of the continent. It is an extremely beautiful and fascinating part of the world, of wonderful natural landscapes, historic settlements, urban and outdoor activities and fine accommodations, a place in which it is worth spending a considerable amount of time.

No surprise that early European explorers decided to site their reprovisioning stations in the lea of Table Bay and that Dutchman Jan van Riebeeck chose to first settle here in 1652. To this day it continues to contain some of the prime real-estate in the world, with property prices comparable with those in London or New York.

The peninsular is a very pronounced geographical feature, with a range of mountains running down its spine, culminating in the great facade of Table Mountain at the northern end, looking out over the City Bowl of Cape Town itself.

The peninsular is connected to the rest of Africa by low-lying sand flats, which run northeast towards the mountains of Somerset West and the Cape Winelands. From a distance, and particularly when viewed from the ocean, the mountains of the Cape Peninsular appear to be islands raised out of the sea and disconnected with the mainland. In fact over geological time there have been considerable periods where this has indeed been the case.

The peninsular is dominated by Table Mountain National Park, which covers not only the mountain after which it is named, but the majority of higher ground all the way south to the Cape of Good Hope. The city and its various suburbs are contained within the valleys and along the beaches in and around these mountain reserves. The whole peninsular therefore feels distinctly un-urban ... even people who usually hate cities love Cape Town ... there is room to breathe here. It is easy to get out and hike the mountains every day if you wish, or to surf off the superb Atlantic beaches.

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