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Chobe Ngwezumba

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Chobe Ngwezumba
is located in Chobe National Park in northern Botswana.

By November, the end of the dry season, the herbivores along the Northern Waterfront are exhausted, tired from then endless search for grazing along and of seeing their companions being so easily nailed by lions and other predators when going down for a drink.

As soon as they sense that there has been sufficient rain to start to fill the seasonal waterholes of the interior they start the great exodus away from the Chobe River and out across the vast forests and plains of the interior.

In the heart of Chobe's plains lie the Ngwezumba Pans, the evaporation area for a modest ephemeral river of the same name. From around November to May, whilst there is sufficient rain around to provide surface water in the pans, the wildlife viewing around here can be excellent.

This area becomes particularly rich with wildlife towards the end of the rainy season, in May/Jun, as all the other smaller waterholes in the area dry up and the animals gather here before starting their march back to the river.

Access to this remote area can be something of a challenge, with the rough tracks potentially becoming difficult during this wet season. There are no lodges out here, so camping is the only option if you want to stay.

However it is possible to visit on day-trips from lodges in the adjacent Chobe Forest Reserve around 50km to the the north-west.
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