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How can we help?
Speak directly with one of our experts
Arrange a time for us to call you
Let us know what you want to do
Arrange a time to come see us

The purpose of getting in touch by email is usually
To get us started in helping
To build your trip

If you can tell us as much as possible
about what you have in mind
then we will be able to draft
a relevant selection of tailor-made sample trips
with fully itemised pricing and
demonstrating a range of
durations, experiences, locations and budgets
from which we can together iterate towards
your ideal trip

The whole process should be relatively easy
and, above all, it should be fun


About You
The more we know about you, the quicker we will be able to get your ideal trip
Where you come from, your previous travel experience
loves, hates, health issues, paranoias
whatever you think might help
It's not usually critical at this stage, but if you do already have plans
For how you will get to Africa, then please do let us know
With flight numbers, times and dates if you already have them
Trip content
In this section it would be great if you could let us know
approximate dates and durations for your trip
plus any experiences, countries, locations, lodges
and trip codes that
you may be interested in including
Travel in Africa ranges so vastly in price that it is impossible to provide guidelines
until we know what you want to do
but it will help us greatly if you can give us an indication of whether
your trip should be in the low, medium, high or very high range
and provide an actual target price per person excluding international flights
don't forget to state the currency you are using
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