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Diani Beach

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Diani Beach
is located on the southern Kenyan Coast.

This stunning 15km stretch of white-sand beach has acted as a magnet to visitors from the very earliest days of tourism in Kenya. These days it is very much a major centre for mass-market packaged tourism, but its not quite so heavily developed as one might imagine. Although the inland town of Ukunda, with its airport hub, is something of an urban sprawl, the network of roads that runs closer to the ocean are generally more relaxed, with a sprinkling of modern infrastructure, including, shops, restaurants, shopping malls and even a golf course.

Along the ocean itself, large sections of the beach are backed with low density private plots dotted with palm trees and modest houses, small hotels and the occasional resort. Only in a couple of core areas are there serious clusters of very big and often quite downmarket resorts, many of which are either on their last legs or long since closed down.

There is clearly a lot of choice of accommodation in this area, but not much that comes highly recommended ...

Waterlovers ... is the best of the resorts, a relatively small, intimate and good quality option, which is also good value for money.

Almanara Resort ... is another small resort, but much more expensive and better suited to guests who like to maintain a high level of conventional comforts.

Diani House ... is a relatively upmarket small lodge centred on a traditional beach house, something of an institution in the area and very good value for money.

Four Twenty South ... is a collection of pleasant self-catering house rentals, which are well serviced and great value if you are more independently minded.

Diani Marine ... is a decent, reliable and low cost dive base.

We tend to recommend Diani Beach for inclusion in trips relatively rarely because the area is so busy. However there are occasions when the area is right for guests, most commonly when visiting friends in the area, wanting to be near the golf course, or looking for a genuinely low cost option on the beach.

Generally our guests tend to be looking for a rather more idyllic beach paradise, such as those found in the Msambweni and Kinondo areas to the south, Lamu Island, and Tana Delta to the north, or further afield on the Tanzania Coast or the Seychelles.
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