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Dunia Camp
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Dunia Camp


... is located in the Central sector of the Serengeti in Northern Tanzania.

Upsides ...

Dunia Camp is a high specification mobile tented camp is in a relatively quiet location in Central Serengeti. It offers an authentic safari experience, with animals often passing through camp. The camp has a lovely canvas mess and around eight comfortable guest tents. It is elegantly presented and genially hosted. The area offers very solid wildlife viewing year round, with incredible predator sightings, especially Jul/Oct. The migration usually passes through May/Jun and Nov/Dec. It is also possible to do balloon safari from here.

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Downsides ...

The main potential downsides at Dunia Camp are the relatively high prices, the very high visitor traffic in this central area for much of the year and the fact that this otherwise upmarket camp is open to vehicles from all safari companies. Also, activities are largely limited to daytime vehicle safari.

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Dunia Camp

When to visit ...

As we have already mentioned, the migration tends to come through this area Apr/Jun and Nov/Dec. Additionally the predator densities here Jul/Oct are extremely high. So wildlife viewing here tends to be very reliable all the way through Apr/Dec and can even be quite strong Jan/Mar, especially in drier seasons, making this a truly year round location.

The main issue is visitor traffic, which tends to be high year round, but particularly Dec/Jan and Jun/Oct.

Although there are chances of rain throughout Nov/May, it is only during Mar/Apr that showers tend to be seriously persistent.

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A few words about prices ...

We are specialists in helping our guests to build the very best and most suitable safaris for the lowest possible prices. A safari can be a very expensive undertaking and we always do everything we can to meet your target budget.

Further up this page you will see our guide price for Dunia Camp. This is the high season rate per person per night sharing a double room. For most people this should represent a worst case scenario, since various discounts usually apply at other times of year.

We guarantee that the prices we charge will be the same or, more often than not, considerably less than if you were to book directly with the owner. We also guarantee to match or beat any legitimate competitive quotations. Additionally, all our itineraries have fully itemised pricing, so that you can see exactly how much each element costs, which should provide you with great reassurance and help you to make decisions when fine-tuning your trip.

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Dunia Camp

How we like to include Dunia Camp in trips ...

Serengeti Central can be a real dilemma. On one hand we feel that the heart really can be ripped out of an experience if you should find yourself entangled in repeated vehicle clustering. But on the other hand, there is no doubt that for several months of the year Seronera has some of heaviest wildlife densities in Africa, notably in Jul/Oct. We really don't want people to miss out.

Our usual solution is to choose a good quality camp around the periphery of the busy area, where guests can enjoy the peace of the immediate surroundings, but raid into central areas should you find yourself short of predator sightings or less concerned about any traffic.

Dunia Camp is a classic luxury tented safari camp, one of the finest in the region. It is strategically located in one of the most beautiful parts of the reserve, within range of the busy central areas and the main plains, but far enough out to feel suitably remote.

This camp is a particular favourite, both amongst ourselves here and amongst our guests, it tends to fit well into high-end safaris virtually year round.

Dunia Camp combines particularly well Dec/Mar with Sanjan Camp to the southeast and Jun/Nov with Sayari Mara Camp in the extreme north of the Serengeti, both of which are under the same ownership.

The usual stay duration is 2 to 3 nights.

Related lodges and locations ...

In this Serengeti Central area we tend to most frequently recommend high quality tented options such as Namiri Plains Camp, Dunia Camp and Serengeti Pioneer Camp, mid-range mobile tented camps such as Lemala Ewanjan Camp, Ronjo Camp or Kati Kati Camp, or fixed lodges such as Soroi Serengeti Lodge Camp, Mbuzi Mawe Camp or the much larger Serengeti Serena Lodge and Four Seasons Serengeti.

The majority of visitors to this Serengeti Central area tend to combine with other parts of the Serengeti, as well some or all of Ngorongoro Crater safari, Tarangire safari, Lake Natron safari and Lake Manyara safari to make a total of 7 to 14 nights in the region.

Some visitors also combine with options further afield including Kilimanjaro treks in the northeast of the country, Ruaha safari and Selous safari to the south, Katavi safari and Mahale Mountains chimpanzee safari out west, Maasai Mara safari over the border in Kenya and Virunga Mountains gorilla safari over in Rwanda.

These mainland areas are also commonly combined with nights down on the Tanzania Coast, especially on Zanzibar Island, Pemba Island, Mafia Island or Fanjove Island, usually in trips of 10 to 21 nights.

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