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Africa is without doubt one of the most romantic places for

Perhaps the most important piece of advice that we would like to offer is that just because you are on honeymoon does not mean you have to change your habits of a lifetime and conform to some kind of romantic stereotype. We encourage our guests to create honeymoons which are filled with the same kind of adventures and experiences to which you normally aspire. Be yourselves. And then maybe pimp the trip a little by adding in one or two slightly more special lodges or other treats along the way.

That way you will be able to bypass those cheesy "honeymoon factories" and experience an awesome, authentic, life-punctuating trip.

Most safaris tend to be quite busy, with lots of moving around and lots of activity, so are best suited to the kind of people who love being active and on the go. If you are honeymooning directly after your wedding then we tend to put in a couple of easy days at the front end, in order that you can get over any fatigue, before embarking on the main event.

Of course it is also possible to put together trips which are more wall-to-wall relaxation, if that is what you have in mind.

Probably the best thing to do is to contact us for a quick chat. We have loads of experience of helping to build all manner of styles of honeymoon. Once we get a handle on where you are coming from, we should very quickly be able to help you decide whether or not Africa is the place for your honeymoon.
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