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is a section of the south-east coast of Zanzibar Island off the coast of Tanzania.

This part of the coast features a magnificent white-sand beach which runs continuously for 20km, backed by stands of palm trees and fronted by a stunning coral lagoon with a fringing reef around 1km offshore.

Amongst the palm trees lies the substantial village of Jambiani, a traditional settlement which retains a good deal of easy charm.

Back in the 1990's this was the first part of the Zanzibar coastline to gear up for tourists, with a collection of simple local guest-houses springing up. But whilst other parts of the island have changed out of all recognition over the intervening years, Jambiani has remained virtually the same and is now a very pleasant backwater with lots of local character.

The majority of the accommodation options remain very simple, perhaps a little bit too simple for most tastes.

In terms of activities, the area is highly recommended for kite-surfing, for which the sandy-floored lagoon is ideally suited. Sailing and reef-walking are also good, but diving and snorkelling are not as strong as in the Matemwe to the north. It is a little too distant for day-trips to Stonetown, although the Jozani Forest is within relatively easy reach. There is virtually no night-life here.

The whole of the Jambiani area is now backed by a sealed highway, which may be a lot less quaint than the old dirt track that used to wind its way through the palm trees, but which is considerably more efficient.

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