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Kawaza Village
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Kawaza Village


... is located in the Central Sector of South Luangwa National Park in eastern Zambia.

Upsides ...

In this remarkable award-winning project guests are able to stay as honoured guests in a traditional African village, to join in with village life, visit the chief, the church and the clinic, to enjoy a traditional feast with dancing and storytelling in the company of hundreds of excited villagers and to sleep in a traditional village hut. A remarkable experience which is especially good for children of all ages.

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Downsides ...

The main potential downsides are the simplicity of the accommodation, the need for guests to actively participate, the potential for rain Nov/Apr and the extremely high temperatures in Oct/Nov.

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When to visit ...

Jun/Oct ... is the dry season in South Luangwa and generally considered to be the best time to visit. During the early part of the season, May/Jun, night time temperatures can be rather low, so do bring warm layers and a decent jacket. Towards the end of the season it can become extremely hot and humid day and night.

Nov/May ... is the green season, with showers being possible at any time, but generally focussed on Dec/Feb when they can become persistent. This rain can cause many of the minor tracks to become difficult.

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A few words about prices ...

We are specialists in helping our guests to build the very best and most suitable safaris for the lowest possible prices. A safari can be a very expensive undertaking and we always do everything we can to meet your target budget.

Further up this page you will see our guide price for this place. This is the high season rate per person per night sharing a double room. For most people this should represent a worst case scenario, since various discounts usually apply at other times of year.

We guarantee that the prices we charge will be the same or, more often than not, considerably less than if you were to book directly with the owner. We also guarantee to match or beat any legitimate competitive quotations. Additionally, all our itineraries have fully itemised pricing, so that you can see exactly how much each element costs, which should provide you with great reassurance and help you to make decisions when fine-tuning your trip.

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How we like to include this location in trips ...

South Luangwa is Zambia's top wildlife location and one of the best national parks in Africa. It therefore tends to feature in virtually all high quality safaris through the country. Although by comparison with better known locations like Mara, Serengeti, Okavango and Kruger, the traffic flows through the valley remain light, there can be significant vehicle clustering during the high season, usually coinciding with the areas of highest wildlife densities, so we do need to think carefully when selecting camps and lodges.

We are more than happy to recommend Kawaza Village to anyone who is looking for an authentic cultural experience. Between us here at ATR we have been lucky enough to have stayed in many local villages across Africa, but rarely are we able to share this kind of experience with our guests. If you really want to get under the skin of this place and get a greater understanding of what being an African is really like, then you really should consider this. And if you have kids, then its virtually a no-brainer, a stay here would surely be one of the best gifts you could give them. The usual stay duration is 1 or 2 nights, but the longer you stay the more relaxed and deep the experience is likely to become. You could probably move in if you want to.

Obviously Kawaza is always combined with a stay at lodges inside the park, perhaps most notably Nkwali Camp, the home base for Robin Pope Safaris, who set the whole thing up. But we can add it to any combination of camps and lodges in the area. These combinations typically being 5 to 14 nights.

South Luangwa is the most popular area for safari in Zambia. It is often combined with other safari areas such including Lower Zambezi and Kafue, along with time at the Victoria Falls in Livingstone, in trips of 7 to 14 nights.

These areas are also often commonly combined combined with parts of neighbouring Malawi, Zimbabwe and Botswana in particular.

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