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Kilimanjaro Lemosho 8C

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Kilimanjaro Lemosho 8C
... is a technical eight night to twelve night private trek along the Lemosho Trail on Mount Kilimanjaro in the northeast region of Tanzania.

Night 1 : Lemosho Forest
Night 2 : Shira One
Night 3 : Moir Hut
Night 4 : Lava Tower
Night 5 : Lava Tower
Night 6 : Arrow Glacier
Night 7 : Kibo Crater
Night 8 : Millennium

This trek is completely different from the usual Lemosho treks and is only suitable for serious mountaineers.

Rather than passing under the Southern Icefields to summit from Barafu in the southeast, this route heads directly up the Western Breach, camping overnight in Kibo Crater itself before reaching the summit, an approach which is used by less than 1% of trekkers.

The route is potentially very dangerous. The very steep ascent is renowned for rockfalls. The use of technical equipment such as ropes and helmets also means that specialist mountaineering insurance will most likely be required. Whilst attempting the summit, the support crew needs to pass around the mountain to meet you on the other side, so you have no support below, making evacuation much more difficult.

The crater camp is in what is known technically as "the death zone", the altitudes above which your body is simply deteriorating, even at rest. Stay up here too long and you will die. Camping up here, even with the very best and most specialist teams with the most advanced equipment is a serious undertaking, there are regular fatalities. The great advantage is that you are able to approach the summit during daylight hours, unlike the very long night-time ascent from the more usual eastern approaches.

The trek is also around 3-4 times the price of a non-technical route.

Because of the specialist nature of this trek, we do no publish prices, it is too serious an undertaking to offer for general sale. Please contact us directly if you are seriously interested.

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