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Kilimanjaro North 8Bp
is an eight night private trek on the North Trail, which starts its ascent from the western side of Mount Kilimanjaro in the northeast region of Tanzania.

This unusual longer route was first pioneered by us in 2011. It starts at the Lemosho Gate and spends two days gently climbing through scenic forests, before emerging out onto the moorland of the Shira Plateau. From there is cuts around the rarely visited northern slopes of the mountain, via Moir Hut, the Lent Hills and Buffalo Camp, joining the Rongai Trail at Third Cave. From here it ascends to the summit via Kibo Hut and comes down via the Marangu Trail. In other words an almost complete clockwise circumnavigation of the mountain.

Night 1 : Lemosho Forest
Night 2 : Shira One
Night 3 : Shira Two
Night 4 : Moir Hut
Night 5 : Buffalo
Night 6 : Third Cave
Night 7 : Kibo
Night 8 : Millennium

There is good scenic variation and excellent altitude acclimatisation, leading to a very high summit success rate of 92%.

The main downside is that you are likely to encounter significant traffic on the last two days and that the summit approach is along the slightly harder route.

Kilimanjaro North 8Bp is a very unusual option which tends to appeal most to people who have trekked the mountain before and want to specifically experience a different routing on their return.

Our original option, the far superior North 8Ap, which went anti-clockwise, was closed down by park authorities because it did not comply with their overall traffic management strategy for the mountain.

The majority of first time visitors are likely to be better off considering the Lemosho 8Bp eight night private trek, the Shira 7Bg seven night group trek or the Shira 7Bp seven night private trek.

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