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Kilimanjaro Rongai 6p

Lodge 8.5 Rating
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Kilimanjaro Rongai 6p
is the best non-technical six night private trek along the Rongai Trailon Mount Kilimanjaro in the northeast region of Tanzania.

We tend to recommend this route mostly to trekkers who are less than totally confident about their fitness and ability to cope with sleeping out on the mountain. For these people the advantages gained by staying out longer on the mountain in terms of altitude acclimatisation become offset by the accumulating fatigue.

However it is very important to note that this six night version actually has a lower summit success rate than the Rongai 5p five night trek. We attribute this to the accumulated effects of fatigue on less hardy trekkers.

Night 1 : Moorland
Night 2 : Second Cave
Night 3 : Kikelewa Cave
Night 4 : Mawenzi Tarn
Night 5 : Kibo Hut
Night 6 : Horombo Hut

The trail approaches from the remote northeast of the mountain, an area which experiences a good deal less rainfall, which makes it particularly interesting during shoulder season periods.

The first four days are spend gradually rising through moorland to the scenic camp at Mawenzi Tarn. From there the trail crosses open landscapes of The Saddle to summit from Kibo Hut and then descent the Marangu Trail.

The elevation at Mawenzi Tarn is good for altitude acclimatisation, which leads to a summit success rate of 87%, the best of any of the shorter five and six night routes.

We used to find that the summit success rate on this trek was significantly lower than on the longer routes, but this differential has been significantly reduced since the introduction of ALTOX Personal Oxygen Systems. It seems that trekkers on this route benefit more from the use of these systems, especially on that more challenging summit approach.

We can operate this trek for private groups of any size, departing for the mountain on any day, subject to availability, but recommend starting out Tue/Wed to avoid coinciding with the weekend traffic on both this and the Marangu Trail.

The main downside is that the summit approach from Kibo is slightly more difficult than that from Barafu and that you are likely to encounter a significant amount of traffic, especially on the last couple of nights when the route is shared with the Marangu Trail.
Some people say that the Rongai Route is less scenic than the longer routes, although you could easily argue that it is simply different.

The price range is USD 2200-3950 depending on the specification level and the number of trekkers.

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