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Kilimanjaro Shira 7Bp

Lodge 9.5 Rating
Price 476 476 476 476 476 476 476 476 476 476 476 433 433 USD
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Kilimanjaro Shira 7Bp
... is a non-technical seven night private trek along the Lemosho Trail, which starts its ascent from the western side of Mount Kilimanjaro in the northeast region of Tanzania.

This trek, which is an extremely unusual variant that we have been using with great success since 2012, is the best seven night route on the mountain, much better than the regular Shira 7A offered by most operators, but definitely not as strong as the eight night Lemosho 8Bp, largely due traffic, scenic variety and altitude acclimatisation.

We tend to recommend it most to trekkers who are looking for a private trek and have sufficient time and funds, as well as being very confident about their fitness and ability to cope with the rigours of camping out on the mountain.

Night 1 : Shira One
Night 2 : Shira Two
Night 3 : Moir Hut
Night 4 : Lava Tower
Night 5 : Karanga Valley
Night 6 : Barafu
Night 7 : Millennium

Starting high above the forest to the west of the mountain, the trail leads for two days out across the moorland of the Shira Plateau, before diverting to the little-visited Moir Hut and exploring the wilderness of the Lent Hills and then traversing below the Southern Icefields to summit from Barafu, before descending down the Mweka Trail.

The trek uses a very clever traffic avoidance technique, which join the often busy Machame Trail several hours later than the main body of trekkers and camping in different locations. Only on the last three nights are you likely to be exposed to traffic.

Altitude acclimatisation is exceptional, with some important optional afternoon hikes up the Lent Hills and the lower Western Breach, enabling trekkers to really walk high and sleep low. This leads to outstanding summit success rates, at around 92%. This number also reflects the seriousness with which trekkers on this route afford the mountain, their high levels of fitness and the fact that most of them take an ALTOX Personal Oxygen System.

We can operate this trek for private groups of any size, departing for the mountain on any day, subject to availability, but recommend starting out Mon/Tue/Wed to avoid coinciding with the weekend traffic on the last four nights.

The only slight downside is that the first two nights are relatively high, which leads to around 1% of trekkers giving up early on. But the vast majority of those who get past that go on to reach the summit, the success rate is an extraordinary 94%.

The main downside is that the Shira Trail does start at quite a high elevation, which means we get around 1% of trekkers drop out on the first or second days. But this risk is much reduced by taking an ALTOX Personal Oxygen System and any residual risk is far outweighed by the altitude advantages later in the trek.

The price range is USD 2500-4400 depending on the specification level and the number of trekkers.

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