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Kisima Ngeda Camp
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Kisima Ngeda Camp


... is the best accommodation option in the Lake Eyasi area of Northern Tanzania.

This area has some spectacular scenery, with the enormous soda lake being backed by an enormous Rift Valley escarpment. There is a nice remote feeling around here and visitor traffic is very low, despite the fact that it is relatively easy to access.

Kisima Ngeda Camp is nicely located amongst a grove of acacia and palm trees, overlooking the lake from the northeast. It is a relatively well run operation, well presented and hosted. It comprises a main mess area, with dining and lounge areas, leading out to a manicured lawn with a campfire area and a nice little pool tucked away to one side. Guest accommodation is in seven large tents under thatch, each with private bathrooms and space for an extra bed.

Kisima Ngeda Camp

The main reason to include Eyasi in a safari is in order to visit the Hadzabe, a small tribe of hunter-gatherers who inhabit the land below the escarpment. Another interesting experience is to visit the Datoga silversmiths in their small village and witness first hand their traditional metalworking skills. There is also the chance to see flamingoes out on the lake itself, although in our experience this is much more hit and miss than at the other soda lakes in the region.

Kisima Ngeda Camp can also be used as a stop when using the unusual Eyasi Escarpment back-track to the Serengeti.

The main negative is the proximity of farming and habitation, which definitely detract from the sense of wilderness, although is really part of the overall cultural experience down here. It should also be noted that there are very low wildlife numbers in the area, this is not a safari experience in that sense.

We are also concerned about the potential negative effects of tourism on the Hadzabe people. We are inherently nervous about this kind of tribal interaction, concerned about both the quality of the guest experience and the potentially corrosive effects on the hosts, but reports from both sides have been consistently positive in recent years and we find ourselves increasingly confident about recommending it.

You also need to be aware that the road down to Lake Eyasi can be rather rough in parts. But if a bumpy road is going to put you off, then you're probably not going to enjoy the overall experience anyway, this really is for the more outdoorsy and adventurous amongst us.

When to visit ...

A key issue in this area is the effect of rain on road conditions. During the dry season months of Jun/Oct the tracks should be easily navigable. During the period Mar/May, the tracks can become difficult to negotiate and the whole drive in and out of Eyasi can become much more of a chore than a pleasure. The period Nov/Mar is unpredictable, conditions depend on the strength of the short rains. We tend to continue arranging safaris for this period, but with the caveat that last minute route changes may be necessary in the unlikely event of heavy rain.

A few words about prices ...

We are specialists in helping our guests to build the very best and most suitable safaris for the lowest possible prices. A safari can be a very expensive undertaking and we always do everything we can to meet your target budget.

Further up this page you will see our guide price for Kisima Ngeda Camp. This is the high season rate per person per night sharing a double room. For most people this should represent a worst case scenario, since various discounts usually apply at other times of year.

We guarantee that the prices we charge will be the same or, more often than not, considerably less than if you were to book directly with the owner. We also guarantee to match or beat any legitimate competitive quotations. Additionally, all our itineraries have fully itemised pricing, so that you can see exactly how much each element costs, which should provide you with great reassurance and help you to make decisions when fine-tuning your trip.

Check the detailed prices and availability for this lodge ...

Kisima Ngeda Camp

How we like to include Kisima Ngeda Camp in trips ...

We tend to recommend the Lake Eyasi area to guests who have a particular interest in tribal cultures and who really enjoy getting off the beaten track. The area is really worth considering if you are interested in cultural interaction with the Hazabe and Datoga peoples. But don't expect the heights of luxury, nor to see lots of animals and be ready for the bumpy tracks.

Kisima Ngeda Camp is a simple, slightly old-fashioned, but decent place. It is really worth considering if you are interested in cultural interaction with the Hazabe and Datoga peoples. But don't expect the heights of luxury, nor to see lots of animals and be ready for the bumpy tracks.

The usual stay duration is 1 to 3 nights.

Related lodges and locations ...

The only other recommended option in this Lake Eyasi area is the simpler Tindiga Camp.

It is also possible to visit the area as a day-trip from one of the excellent lodges up in the Ngorongoro Karatu area, including Gibbs Farm, Plantation Lodge, The Manor at Ngorongoro or Bashay Rift Lodge. But be warned, it can be a very long day, and necessitates a very early start.

The majority of visitors combine the Lake Eyasi area with Serengeti safari, Ngorongoro safari, Tarangire safari and Lake Manyara safari to make a total of 7 to 14 nights in the region.

Some visitors also combine with options further afield including Kilimanjaro treks in the northeast of the country, Ruaha safari and Selous safari to the south, Katavi safari and Mahale Mountains chimpanzee safari out west, Maasai Mara safari over the border in Kenya and Virunga Mountains gorilla safari over in Rwanda.

These mainland areas are also commonly combined with nights down on the Tanzania Coast, especially on Zanzibar Island, Pemba Island, Mafia Island or Fanjove Island, usually in trips of 10 to 21 nights.

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