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La Digue

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La Digue
is the fourth largest island in the Seychelles and is usually accessed by boat from Praslin and Mahe.

The island is the location for many of those extremely scenic boulder strewn beaches that have graced the pages of so many magazines over the years. Indeed the whole of eastern side of the island remains pretty much virginal, with forested hills and beautiful remote coves.

The western side of the island is home to a large and laid back settlement with a resident population of around 2000 people. There is virtually no motorised transport on the island, so access is by foot, bicycle and ox-cart, which helps contribute to an extremely relaxed and peaceful atmosphere.

La Digue is surrounded by a number of smaller uninhabited islands, including Petit Soure, Grand Soure and Marie Ann, all of which are very beautiful and can be visited by boat on day trips.

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