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Laikipia North

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Laikipia North
is a broad swathe of open rangelands lying around 100km northwest of Mount Kenya in Northern Kenya.

It is an elevated plateau of arid range-lands which are renowned for their healthy climate. The area is home to a broad range of wildlife, including some of less familiar species which are characteristic of the area, notably including imperial zebras, gerenuks, reticulated giraffes and Somali ostriches. Visitor densities are very low and there are some excellent high-end lodges which offer an usually wide range of activities including vehicle safari, night vehicle safari, walking safari, hiking, mountain-biking, river swimming, camel safari and horse-back safari, as well as some excellent cultural interaction.

The main potential downsides are the fact that some aspects of safari in this area feel a little less wild than it might, largely due to the presence of cattle fences, the use of radio collars and the fact that some lodges still bait leopards. The lodges also tend to be relatively pricey.

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