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Lake Turkana South

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Lake Turkana South
is an extremely remote and truly wild area of Northern Kenya, lying around 400km due north of Mount Kenya and running north to the border with Ethiopia.

Set amidst vast desert landscapes, Lake Turkana itself appears as a miracle, a shimmering jade-green sea which stretches beyond the horizon to the north.

The lake shore village of Loyangalani is home to the El Molo people. Kenya's smallest ethnic group, hardy fishermen who cling steadfastly to a rather tenuous existence.

On the lake, South Island is a protected reserve, a rather inhospitable place which provides a breeding ground for crocodiles and a home for several species of venomous snakes including puff adders and cobras. An interesting if rather specialist place to visit.

We love the remote wilderness areas of Northern Kenya, the scenery really is quite remarkable in parts. However visitor numbers are exceedingly low, largely due to political instability in the region and the near constant threat of Somali bandits.

The only way that we are presently able to access the area is by light aircraft out of places such as Sarara Camp further to the south, whose experienced owners, the Bastard family, are always aware with the current situation and can make and change plans accordingly.

These flying expeditions can last anything from a few hours to several days, depending on how much of this remote region you want to explore.

Such trips are usually combined with parts of the Kenya Central region, notably in the Mathew's Range, Laikipia North, Samburu, Il Ngwesi Valley, Lewa Downs and Meru areas, as well as the Maasai Mara way off to the southwest.
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