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Linyanti Waterfront
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Linyanti Waterfront safari


... is very high quality, this really is one of the best areas in Africa for wildlife viewing and there are some really high quality lodges here.

Linyanti Waterfront is situated between the Okavango Delta and Chobe areas of northern Botswana. At around 4,500 square kilometres, the area is restricted to around 180 guests in ten small camps, around 25 square kilometres per person, which is a relatively low guest density.

The vast majority of this area is dry mopane woodland, of generally low wildlife density. The more interesting parts are those which contain the Kwando and Linyanti rivers, the seasonal Zibadianja Lagoon and the ephemeral Savuti Channel and Selinda Spillway, which attract huge volumes of wildlife during the May/Oct dry season.

The area has an intensely rich and varied range of wildlife, especially during this May/Oct dry season, when the predator action is second to none, notably lions, hyenas, leopards and wild-dogs.

Some parts also attract large herds of plains game, notably elephants and buffaloes.

The Linyanti Waterfront also has a reputation for being one of the most reliable locations in Africa for wild-dogs, with several packs transiting through, two or three of which usually go to den here May/Jun.

The area contains some very high-end lodges, notably the very intimate Zarafa Camp, the extremely comfortable King's Pool Lodge and the rather chic Duma Tau Camp.

There are also several really good camp options which offer a slightly simpler, more outdoorsy and more purely wildlife-focussed experience, including Lebala Camp, Lagoon Camp, Selinda Explorers Camp and Linyanti Savuti Camp.

In all camps the main activity is vehicle safari, which is the best way to get up close to the animals.

Depending on which camp you choose, other activities include night vehicle safari, walking safari, motorboat safari, canoe safari and hides.

Linyanti Waterfront safari

When to visit ...

May/Oct ... is the dry season in this part of the world and is generally the best time for land-based wildlife viewing, as serious numbers of animals are drawn in to water from the vast dry hinterland.

Dec/Apr ... is the green season, when much of the wildlife will have dispersed into the surrounding mopane woodlands. There is still a good deal of resident wildlife around, the bush looks beautiful and there are lots of baby animals around, so the camps are still able to offer a lovely safari experience and at much reduced prices.

Read more about when to visit this area ...

Where to stay ...

The Linyanti is sub-divided into four private concession areas, each of which is operated by a separate safari company and has its own distinct character ...

Linyanti Kwando ... lies to the western side, is a very rich and varied area for wildlife, whose camps are simpler but where the guiding can be relatively hard-hitting.

Linyanti East ... includes the prettiest section of waterfront, also has superb wildlife and a wide range of lodges from super-luxury to relatively simple and earthy.

Linyanti Selinda ... lies to the south, also has a great reputation for wildlife and also has a broad range of camps from super-luxury to raw expeditionary style.

Linyanti Chobe Enclave ... is to the north-east and is actually a private sector of the national park rather than a concession.

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How we like to include Linyanti Waterfront in trips ...

The Linyanti Waterfront is an area we tend to recommend a great deal, for us it is every bit as good as the Okavango Delta and, if anything, is the place to which we have found ourselves more emotionally attached to as the years go by. It is great for just about anyone who appreciates really high quality safari.

It can only be accessed by light aircraft, with regular services operating between all the camps and the main hub airports at Maun and Kasane. The whole experience is wonderful and incredibly seamless.

Most visitors tend to stay in just one camp for 3 to 4 nights, however more experienced safari travellers sometimes combine a number of camps and stay a good deal longer. Unfortunately combining camps in different concessions can only be done by expensive hopper flight, overland connections are not permitted.

The Linyanti Waterfront is most commonly combined with one or more camps in the Okavango Delta and more occasionally with camps in the Makgadikgadi and Central Kalahari. It can also be combined with locations in Zambia, Zimbabwe, Namibia and South Africa. Connections to other countries are possible but can be relatively arduous.

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