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... is a section of coastline to the south-east of Zanzibar Island off the coast of Tanzania.

This south-east corner of the island has not historically been one of the more popular places to visit, primarily due to its open, less attractive scenery and lack of good beaches.

The area is centred on the traditional village of Makunduchi, set in a fertile pocket some distance inland. The village has a coastal extension of the same name, a sleepy and anonymous place with a couple of rather low key lodges.

The village is best known for the Mwaka Kogwa, an annual celebration of Shirazi heritage that takes place in Jul/Aug to celebrate the Persian New Year. During the festival a ritual battle is fought, at the end of which a hut, or sometimes a boat, is burned. Predictions are then made for the new year, based on the direction taken by the smoke.

The coast to the south of the village and all around the southern tip of the island features a high coral cliff with virtually no beaches and a rather featureless hinterland.

To the north of the village the scenery is similar, but with an increasing number of coves and small beaches as one approaches the classic sandy lagoon of Jambiani.

When to visit ...

When it comes to deciding when to visit, the best times down on the coast are generally considered to be Jul/Oct and Dec/Mar, when there is usually slightly less rain and wind.

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How we like to include this area in trips ...

We have no recommended lodges in this area. Please ask us for more information if you particularly want to visit or stay here.

The majority of visitors stay in other parts of the island such as Bwejuu, Paje or Matemwe or on the islands of Pemba, Mafia or Fanjove.

These coastal areas are most commonly combined with Tanzania safari options such as Serengeti safari, Ngorongoro safari, Ruaha safari and Selous safari, as well as Kilimanjaro treks, usually in trips of 10 to 21 nights.

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