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  • mikumi to morogoro
  • morogoro town
  • morogoro to matombo
  • matombo to sable
  • sable to matambwe halt
  • matambwe gate

Morogoro and Uluguru

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Morogoro and Uluguru
is an area of the Southern Region of Tanzania.

Morogoro is a small town located on the TanZam Highway around 200km inland from Dar es Salaam. It has its origins as a nineteenth century caravanserai, the next stop inland from Bagamoyo down on the coast. The Arabic influence is still present here, with veiled women on the streets and the call to prayer resonating five times daily. These days Morogoro is more of an agricultural centre, with large century-old Greek sisal plantations to the north-east, rice, maize, coffee and cotton plantations to the south and west.

The Uluguru Mountains are an impressive range which looms up to the south of the town. They form a part of the Eastern Arc group renowned for their very high endemism. Although there are walking trails here, they tend to be less frequently used than those in the Udzungwa mountains to the west, largely because the forests are less well preserved.

On the relatively infrequent occasions that we recommend undertaking an overland safari through this southern part of the country, our guests may find themselves passing through Morogoro when travelling the long and arduous road between the reserves of Selous and Mikumi, but we rarely find reason to overnight here.
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