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Ngorongoro South

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Ngorongoro South
is an area of dramatic highland scenery just to the south of the Ngorongoro Crater in Northern Tanzania.

Considering its proximity to the main safari route, this area is incredibly quiet and little-visited. We reckon that less than 1% of the vehicles visiting the Ngorongoro Crater venture into this southern sector. Any vehicles you meet down here are far more likely to come from the local Maasai villages.

This area has some superb hiking and trekking options. Although the main hiking route is only about 10km from the main safari vehicle route, it really is a world apart, a very different experience. It is one of the very best areas for interacting with the local Maasai people. If you come out here for walking, you will be accompanied by Maasai warriors. As you pass by herders or through villages, your guides will know most of the people you meet and will introduce you as personal friends. It really is a very special way to travel.

The main reason that this area is not filled with people is that it is not big for wildlife. Out on the grasslands you may see wildebeest and eland, we have even seen lions out here on one rare occasion. So this is generally much more of a scenery and cultural excursion.

The other thing is that there are no lodges out here. The only accommodation is bivouac camping, which is to say a light mobile camp which is carried with you, either by vehicle or donkey, depending on your route.

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