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North Luangwa

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North Luangwa
National Park, at 4600 square kilometres, is around half the size of the much better known South Luangwa, which lies just 30km distant here in northeast Zambia.

The park receives less than 5% of the visitor traffic experienced by its larger neighbour and really does feel much more remote than one might imagine. This is a largely due to the fact that the area contains only a couple of very small camps, compared with the forty or fifty camps and lodges down there.

Rather unusually, activities here are almost exclusively focused on walking safari, which naturally leads to the kind of subtle and slow paced experience that appeals so much to experienced safari travellers and real nature lovers.

The reserve is the best run in the country, largely thanks to the presence of the Frankfurt Zoological Society, whose work with the authorities to control poaching has been a great success, leading to large increases in wildlife populations. There are now thought to be more elephants up here than in South Luangwa.

The main potential downsides are the limited range of activities, the subtle and outdoorsy nature of the experience and the lack of lower cost options. The wildlife here is also more skittish, largely due to the low visitor numbers.

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