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Odzala Kokoua

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Odzala Kokoua
is a large national park to the north of the country of Congo Brazzaville in west-central Africa.

Established as early as 1935, this 13,600 square kilometres reserve is a rare and precious conservation area which contains the highest density of western lowland gorillas in Africa.

The fact that it contains both tropical rainforest and savanna areas makes it an especially rich and diverse location by local standards.

A further 11 primate species are also present, along with over 100 mammal species including forest elephants, buffaloes, leopards and hyenas. Exciting occasional sightings include bongos and golden cats.

The reserve is very remote and expensive to access, meaning that it tends to attract exceedingly low visitor numbers. The consequential lack of revenue severely hampers conservation efforts in the area.

The three very high-end camps here are seeking pioneer conservation in the area by attracting very low numbers of premium guests. In the medium term this will hopefully create enough income to protect the integrity of the reserve, whilst inspiring the generation of a greater flow of visitors in future years.

Every single visitor to these camps can rest assured that they have made a significant contribution to the survival of these remarkable landscapes and the wonderful animals which they contain. The initial lure is the chance to see lowland gorillas, but the take home message is the importance of the overall conservation project.

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