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of travel in Africa can be very substantial, safari especially can be very expensive.

Whilst most travellers are primarily concerned about the quality of their trip, elevated price levels really can become a major issue for almost everyone.

Our primary concern is to tailor-make trips which are ideal for our guests and a big part of this is trying to hit the right budget. We do not want you to spend any more or less than you are happy with.

We modify the cost of a trip by varying dates and durations, swapping out the various components in a transparent and easy to understand way.

Unlike most specialist safari companies, who commonly offer only one level of cost options, we work very hard at maintaining as wide a range of lodges and transport providers as we can. This enables us to achieve an unusually broad range of budgets.

Estimating ...

Trips to Africa range so widely in price that it would be pointless to offer guidelines. A two week trip, excluding international flights, could range from as little as US$1000 per person for a lower cost beach or self-drive trip to US$20,000 or more per person for a very top-end safari.

If we take a two week trip which spends a week on safari and a week on the beach, then the price for a decent lower-medium level trip would be maybe US$3500 per person, rising to maybe US$7500 per person for a much more upmarket version.

The best way to get a handle on costs is to contact us and have a quick chat, after which we will be able to send you a selection of bespoke trips illustrating a range of contents and prices.

Suitability ...

If your budget is in the upper medium, high or very high ranges then there is a very good chance that we will be able to help.

If your budget is in the lower medium range then we should be able to help in most areas, it is certainly worth making an enquiry.

If your budget is in the low and very low ranges then the chances are we will not be able to help.

Price guarantee

It is very important to note that there are no compulsory fees for our services. We are remunerated by the safari operators in Africa to provide you with a first class trip building service. It is all part of the wrap around service that safari guests enjoy. So you really can get a genuine safari expert to work with you to build a superb trip free of charge!

We expect our quotations to be amongst the lowest priced in the marketplace. Since 1999 we have worked very hard to earn our reputation for providing both value and quality of service.

We guarantee to match or beat any legitimate competitive quotation. Simply send a detailed quotation to us and we will price up an identical trip if we can. Obviously we can only quote for product that we maintain on our inventory, although we will do our best to add any unusual elements if we can. In reality this process most often leads to us explaining the shortcomings of a trip and recommending improvements, but we fully understand the need to first prove that our prices are more than competitive.

We also guarantee that a trip booked through us will never be more expensive than if booked directly with the lodges and transport operators, should that be possible. In reality a trip booked through us is often considerably cheaper than arranging it yourself and will certainly be a whole lot easier.

We try very hard to be as transparent as we can on prices. Historically we have done this by offering itemised quotes, so that our guests can see exactly where their money is being spent. During 2018 we unfortunately had to change from itemised quotations to single price quotations.

The reason is that many suppliers offer us very preferable rates, which we largely choose to pass on to our guests in the shape of considerable savings. The fact that we were offering such low prices caused a big stink in the safari market and some suppliers now oblige us to disguise these savings within a single trip price.

So if you would like to see your trip quotations with full line-by-line pricing, then please do ask. If the answer is yes, then all well and good. If the answer is no, then it means there are big savings in there that we are not permitted to reveal.

Budgeting ...

If you have no pre-conception of how much a trip to Africa may cost, then the best thing to do is spend some time in our trips section on the menu top left, which enables you to search our database of trips that we have created for other guests. The prices shown are only for guidance, but should enough to give you a ball-park reckoning.

The sure way to find out the price of a trip is to make an enquiry to us. It is never too soon to get in touch ... often it is much easier if we get involved during the more formative phase of your planning. When you contact us, all you need to do is give us some vague indication of what you would like to do and how much you would like to spend. We will then try to come back to you with a handful of suggested trips showing a range of different options and prices. A couple of iterations and the picture should start to clear pretty quickly ... we should be well on the way towards the perfect trip!

Do please note that in all cases our estimates and quotations exclude international flights to and from Africa.

Website prices ...

In the "maps" and "places" sections of our website on the menu top left, each lodge is provided with a guide price. This is an approximation of the high season price per person, based on two people sharing a room and with the usual inclusions and exclusions at that lodge.

On many of our more popular lodges you can also follow a link further down the page which will enable you to look up the exact prices of rooms for specific dates. Many of these pricing pages also show live availability.

In all cases the actual price you pay will be that shown on your quotation rather than any indication shown on the website.

Payments ...

Unfortunately at some stage we will need to take payment for your trip. The usual payment schedule is ...

25% on booking
75% two months before travel

If you make a booking within 2 months and 10 days of travel, or if your order value is less than USD1000, then we are obliged to ask for 100% payment on booking.

We try to offer as broad a range of payment options as possible in order to minimise the charges you pay, both to us and to your bank.

Payments can be made by one or more credit/debit cards or by bank transfer. We are not permitted to accept any payments in cash.

All trips are priced in USD, GBP or EUR, depending on your location.

Payments into our Mauritius account ...

Mauritius is the banking capital for Eastern and Southern Africa, the only place which affords us international standards of banking services to enable us to take payments from our guests and make payments to our suppliers across the continent. We do not use this facility to avoid tax, we pay our taxes in the countries in which we operate in full. The vast majority of our guests choose to pay into this account. Here are the charges ...

USD/EUR bank wire transfer : No charges from us. Your bank may levy an international transaction fee
USD debit/credit card : A 2.5% charge from us to cover the amount charged to us by the card companies. Your card company may also levy an international transaction fee.

Payments into our UK account ...

We are obliged to maintain a UK bank account in order to offer travel under the ATOL consumer protection banner to our guests who are resident in the UK.

Whether you pay by bank transfer, debit card or credit card we do not levy any bank charges. We are however obliged to apply an exchange rate to convert the trip from USD into GBP.

Please talk to our sales and accounts teams to work out the best method of
for you.
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