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Serengeti North

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Serengeti North
is a much overlooked and relatively little-visited sector of the Serengeti National Park which acts as a critically important corridor for the main migration, connecting dry season areas to the north with the green season plains to the south.

The most interesting part is undoubtedly the impressive Lobo area, where a broad valley offers a mix of light woodland, open savannah and riverine vegetation ensures reasonably reliable resident wildlife, notably lions and leopards. The Lobo area can also be particularly good for elephants, much more so than the rest of the Serengeti.

The main wildebeest and zebra migration tends to pass through headed north during Jun/Jul and returns southward some time during Oct/Dec, although the timing is very unpredictable. One year the southward movement will take a fortnight and be over by mid November, the next year the herds will still be wandering back and forth into December. We have even seen large herds turning back to the north in late December. With this level of unpredictability it is very difficult to plan a safari six months or a year in advance.

The main potential downsides are that the migration experience here can be unpredictable and underwhelming, there is a very limited road network and the adjacent Olosokwan area has been known to host some shocking trophy hunting.

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