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The Seychelles

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The Seychelles
is a group of islands lying in the Indian Ocean to the east of Africa.

Perhaps the world's most alluring tropical islands, the Seychelles are scattered across over a million square kilometres of the Indian Ocean, tiny but gorgeous specks of granite, shrouded in rich tropical forest, lined by white-sand beaches and fringed by intensely rich coral reefs.

We occasionally combine time in the Seychelles with safaris on mainland Africa, although relatively rarely because the beaches of Kenya and Tanzania are much more convenient.

Given its reputation as a virginal beach paradise, it may come as quite a surprise to discover that the three main islands of the Seychelles are actually a very real places, quite heavily populated, full of local colour and with a wide range of lower cost small hotels, guest-houses and self-catering cottages. These three islands are, located within 40km of each other and are connected by regular hopper flights and ferries.

Mahe Island ... is the largest and most populous island, with considerable settlement around much of its shoreline. It therefore tends to work best for people who are particularly keen to stay at a simpler guest-house and get out to explore the local culture. It can also work for people who are happy to stay within the confines of a larger resort and are therefore not bothered by the heavy development elsewhere.

La Digue Island ... is the smallest and most laid back of the three main islands, with a significant settlement, but no motorised transport. However accommodation is limited to rather simple options only.

Praslin Island ... is nowhere near as busy as Mahe, but nor is it as peaceful as La Digue, it lies somewhere in between. For many people this compromise really hits the spot, with plenty of activities and a very good range of accommodation.

Most of the smaller islands in the Seychelles are home to just a single lodge, which means that they are able to offer some really superb private experiences.

Inner Islands ... are those which are lie within around 50km of the three larger islands. Most are easily accessed and easily combined with other islands, but are distant enough to feel properly remote.There are presently several good options here.

Outer Islands ... are those which lie between 200 to 2000 km from the main group. They tend to be much more difficult or costly to access and are less commonly combined with other islands. There is rarely more than one or two viable lodge options amongst them.

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