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Skeleton Coast North

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Skeleton Coast North
is an utterly wild and savage area which includes the most northerly 400km of the Namibian coastline up to Angola and is arguably the greatest wilderness area in Africa.

This remarkable coastline is a place where history lies literally scattered across the beaches in the form of long-lost shipwrecks and the bleached bones of enormous whales. Vast seal colonies line the beaches, besieged by a conspiracy of vultures, jackals and brown hyenas.

Across a hinterland of vast open plains an incredible display of geology lies exposed to the elements, punctuated by abandoned mines, invisible quicksand swamps, endless seas of sand dunes and remarkable desert oases. These apparently barren desert landscapes sustain significant populations of free-ranging wildlife including elephants, giraffes, oryx and lions, which occasionally venture right down to the ocean.

The area can only be accessed by means of special government permits and visitor numbers are extremely low, restricted to just a few small overland expeditions each year. It really is a place is right out of the pages of a Boy's Own adventure, a truly wonderful place to explore.

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