skin problems
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skin problems

skin problems

Skin problems
when travelling in Africa can be particularly common in tropical regions, where the heat and humidity can encourage infection.

Cuts and scrapes can quickly become throbbing infections if not treated and dressed appropriately.

Fungal infections can also be an issue. Avoid sharing damp soap and towels, always dry off thoroughly and consider using a medicated talcum powder.

Heatstroke a potentially dangerous condition where the body becomes too hot due to environmental exposure and lack of thermo-regulation. Symptoms are a temperature over 40.6C/105.1F accompanied by confusion, lack of sweating, cramps and vomiting. Remove to a cold place and cover in damp towels. Use a re-hydration mix.

For sunburn try aloe vera or natural yoghurt.

Travellers taking doxycycline for protection against malaria may experience heightened sun sensitivity.

Prickly heat is a fine pimply rash on the trunk. Take cold showers, wear cotton clothes and sleep naked under a fan or in air-con.
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