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Tana Delta

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Tana Delta
is located on the northern Kenyan Coast, midway between Malindi and Lamu.

This is a remote, little-visited and particularly interesting section of the coast. The Tana River rises on the eastern slopes of Mount Kenya and creates a ribbon of green across five hundred kilometres of otherwise parched and largely empty semi-desert towards the coast, where it fans out into an impressive mangrove delta fringed by high sand dunes. Around 80km upstream from the coast lies the Tana River Primate Reserve, a relatively small area of protected riverine forest which is home to a broad range of wildlife including a couple of very rare endemic primates.

There is only one accommodation option in this area ...

Delta Dunes Camp ... is an upmarket but very outdoorsy and cool beach hangout, set on the dunes above the beach and offering a wide range of land and ocean activities.

The Tana Delta area is best suited to travellers who are more interested in continuing their safari whilst down on the Indian Ocean rather than a more conventional beach stay.

The usual stay duration is 3 to 6 nights, with access most commonly being by light aircraft from Lamu Island in the north, with which it is commonly combined in trips.

Prime coastal areas such as this are usually visited in combination with a selection of the best safari areas in the country, including Masai Mara, Meru, Laikipia North and Chyulu Hills.
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