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The Ark

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The Ark
is located in the Aberdares National Reserve in central Kenya.

+ famous old lodge
+ incredible novelty concept
+ potential for unusual wildlife sightings

Situated in the low altitude Salient, the western extension of the reserve, this place was built in 1967. Incredibly the concept is that is Noah's Ark, the guests are his family and the animals at the waterhole are those which Noah is trying to save from the flood. The floors are called decks, the rooms are cabins and so on. Guests are even awarded 'sailing certificates' of their voyage on departure ... apparently signed by Noah himself. There is a buzzer system in the rooms to wake guests when interesting sightings come to the waterhole in the middle of the night. There is the chance of catching sight of two particularly elusive animals, bongo antelopes and black leopards.

- daft idea
- unattractive location
- unattractive lodge
- unpleasant experience
- bongo and black leopard sightings extremely rare

Whether this was ever a very good idea is questionable, but certainly these days the humour is as faded as the upholstery. The location is of marginal interest, decidedly unattractive when the fog sets in, and the lodge itself is really poor quality by modern standards. The floodlit waterhole is also not very attractive, whilst bongo and black leopard sightings extremely rare.

The Ark is a legend of a place, so bizarre that it is almost worth visiting. Yet we very rarely come across a set of circumstances that would make it appropriate for us to actually recommend it to our guests.
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