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himba people

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Himba people
are an unusual and very special tribal group who inhabit some of the most arid and inhospitable areas of the continent, mainly in Sorthwest Namibia and Southern Angola.

The Himba are well known because they are one of the few tribes who continue to largely live in the traditional way, with simple semi-nomadic settlements and modes of attire and behaviour.

A visit to a remote Himba settlement can be an incredibly deep experience. The sheer simplicity of their lifestyle, the incredibly absence of possessions and the level of detachment from the outside world really is amazing.

The Himba are best visited out of camps in the remote northwest of Namibia and the further north and west that you go, generally the more authentic the experience.

The best lodges from which to do this are the very high end Serra Cafema Camp and the overland expedition base at Cafema Valley Bivouac. There are also options out of Okahirongo River Camp and Okahirongo Elephant Lodge.
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