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are perhaps the least threatened of the three large feline predators in Africa since their elusive nocturnal habits make it possible for them to exist outside of the core conservation areas and even, in some cases, quite close to major towns and cities.

Leopards range widely across sub-Saharan Africa, with the notable exception of large parts of South Africa, where they were exterminated. They may also be absent from northern Mozambique. Despite their large range, leopards are one of the most elusive large mammals on the continent, with very few places being able to boast really regular sightings.

In order for a camp to earn a reputation for leopard sightings, it first needs to be able to conduct night vehicle safari. This eliminates virtually all camps in East Africa, where night safari is either not permitted or are only carried out in a rather half-hearted fashion.

The second characteristic that a camp needs is first class guiding. Finding leopards regularly is tough and requires both expert spotting and tracking skills, as well as an accumulated knowledge of the habits and territories of individual animals.

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