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motorboat safari

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motorboat safari
is an activity which involves exploring a wildlife area by means of a motorised craft, usually a shallow metal-hulled vessel with an outboard motor on the back.

In stark contrast to the tranquillity of a mokoro canoe safari, motorboat safari is quite fast-paced and quite noisy. Moving through the water at speed can be quite exhilarating in its own right, especially if you are banking this way and that along narrow channels between high reeds.

Not to be confused with motor-boating, which is a completely different activity.

Being able to travel quite fast and cover some distance means that motorboat safari tends to more reliably deliver encounters with larger game. Sightings of hippos and crocodiles are common in most good areas, plus chances of elephants, buffaloes and other wildlife along the banks, maybe even lions or leopards. Birding can also be excellent, especially if the area has any heronries or bee-eater colonies.

Although there are a few locations where motorboats can be used to travel between camps, these tend to be pretty marginal. On the whole motorboat safaris are operated as activities from the same start and end point.

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