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is a term used in archaeology for any human-made markings made on natural stone. They can be divided into petroglyphs, which are carvings into stone surfaces and pictographs, which are rock and cave paintings.

Africa contains an extraordinary collection of rock-art sites, many of which are high accessible. Most of them appear to be the work of ancient peoples which pre-date the Bantu invasions, often hunter-gatherers such as the Bushmen of the Kalahari and the Hadzabe of Tanzania North.

Rock-art tends to be found in impressive locations, which often exude a very special atmosphere of an ancient time. If we had several lives, we would spend one of them travelling Africa in search of as many sites as we could find. In fact between us we have done a fair amount of this, trekking up into ranges of hills and scrambling over rocky outcrops in search of the elusive markings. But for now we will restrict ourselves to a short description of the more accessible sites ...

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