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town tours

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Town tours
are guided excursions where a local expert takes you around the various neighbourhoods of the area in order to show you various sites of interest.

We generally recommend travelling with a guide when exploring in Africa, partly for security, but mainly because a good guide will be able to open doors that would otherwise remain closed and allow you to interact with local people in a much more relaxed and meaningful way.

We are not talking about big organised tours here, but simply a private guide to assist you along the way and assist you to investigate the kind of things which specifically interest you.

The most obvious types of tour is perhaps those which take in the various historic sites within an area, but cultural tours can be just as interesting, getting into local markets, visiting schools, church groups, charitable foundations, environmental projects ... there are so many fascinating experiences to be had, even in apparently uninteresting urban areas. Chances are you will be welcomed with open arms virtually everywhere you go. After all it is meeting the people which really counts.

If you do fancy including this kind of activity in your trip then please do add it to your wishlist.
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