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walking safari

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Walking safari
is an activity which we define as slow-paced guided walks which usually range from one to four hours and whose primary objective is to explore the flora and fauna of an area.

Longer and more conventional walks are described in the hiking section, whilst multiple day expeditions are covered in the section on trekking.

Walking is available in most safari areas, but the actual experience varies enormously place to place, camp to camp.

In the vast majority of cases walking safari is a relatively low key activity ranging from a short stroll around the periphery of the camp, checking for tracks and taking in some of the smaller details of flora and fauna. This can make a nice change of pace from being in the vehicle, but is unlikely to throw up many encounters with larger animals.

Serious walking safari, the type that attracts a high rating from us, involves deliberate attempts to approach potentially dangerous wildlife, including elephants, rhinos, buffaloes, lions and leopards. If you want to experience safari at its most exciting, then you need to seek out this kind of experience. Once you have done it, there will be no going back.

In many safari areas these days the prospect of deliberately walking guests onto potentially dangerous animals is beyond the comprehension of the guides and operators. But fortunately there are still a few places where this kind of real and authentic safari is still very much the norm, where if you don't do this kind of thing then you're not a proper safari camp.

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