tick bites
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tick bites

tick bites

Ticks are small spider-like insects which usually inhabit areas of long grass, leaping onto larger mammals as they pass by in order to feed by sucking their blood.

tick bites
in Africa are no where near as dangerous as they are in North America, they are able to carry tick bite fever, a flu-like illness which can be easily treated with an antibiotics, but which can have more serious repercussions if left untreated or if not properly eradicated by the treatment.

Ticks need to be removed from the body as soon as possible. If you are in an area where ticks are prevalent then we recommend doing a full tick check at a frequency which reflects the risk.

When out on walking safari, when you may well pass through areas of long grass and dense vegetation, we recommend wearing long pants/trousers, preferably tucked into socks, plus long sleeved shirts.

If you find a tick which has inserted its mouth parts into your skin and started to feed, then you need to remove it using the tick tweezers that you have in your medical kit.

Read more about ticks in Wikipedia.
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