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travel insurance

travel insurance

We strongly recommend that all of our guests have adequate
travel insurance
in place from the moment of making a booking. It is necessary to get it in position this early in order to cover any pre-trip issues, most notably cancellation due to ill-health.

Rules governing the insurance industry changed in 2006 to make it illegal for travel companies to also provide insurance. You are free to purchase your travel insurance from whichever company your choose, but please be careful to check the inclusions and exclusions as noted below.

In the this section you will find recommendations travel insurance specialists of which we have a considerable amount of experience. We are not affiliated with these companies in any way, nor can we take any responsibility for their operations.

Coverage ...

We strongly recommend that all of our customers provide for themselves all necessary insurances against personal injury, medical evacuation, loss, damage, theft, cancellation, delay etc.

You should have full insurance cover in place from the moment that you first place your order with us and covering the whole period before, during and after travel. This is because travel insurance is one of the most important aspects of protecting your trip in case of failure or cancellation.

Some of the elements sold by us or otherwise available in places to which you are travelling inherently carry a high risk factor ... diving, safari, flying, mountain climbing etc. We are unable to take any responsibility for the consequences of you undertaking on such risks. We do however personally test drive as many of the dive operators, flights operators, hotels and safari operators as we can. Where we make a recommendation to you in this area it is simply an indication of the level of risk which we personally would be prepared to take. It is up to you to determine whether you too are willing to take on these risks.

Good travel insurance will cover you against most eventualities, but be careful to read the small print on your policy to be sure. We particularly recommend checking that it covers ...

... medical costs including full evacuation and repatriation
... high altitude trekking if you are climbing Kilimanjaro or other large mountains
... scuba diving if you intend to participate in this
... quad-biking, bungee jumping, ballooning or any other activity in which you intend to participate
... charges that you may incur in case of cancellation or curtailment of the trip
... theft, loss and damage to suitable levels

EU residents ...


Although we are no longer able to sell you a policy, we are able to recommend contacting Campbell Irvine, the broker that used for many years when we were permited to include insurance and who have always proved competitive and reliable, especially when dealing
with claims.

Click here to get a quotation.

1. On the first screen, you need to select 'Get A Quote'
2. On the second screen for 'cover required for' select 'SINGLE TRIP',
assuming that you just want the cover for this one trip
3. From there onwards for 'travelling to' always select "WORLDWIDE EXCL N AMERICA", as this is the area that covers travel to Africa.
4. This cover is only available to who reside in the UK or any EU country.

Non EU residents ...


For customers who live outside of the European Union, we recommend using TravelGuard who are the world's largest travel insurer and with whom policies can be quoted and booked on-line.

They are a US based company and their insurance offering is modular, so you can add coverage for medical, cancellation etc, to compliment any existing policies that you may already have in place.

They also offer cover for NON US residents, including Australia, Canada, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore and South Africa, simply click on the 'not a resident of the United States' link in the top right hand corner.

Click here to get a quotation and purchase a policy.

Other options include ...

Please do contact us with any questions or problems.
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